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If i could add up all the minutes in my life that I’ve spent redoing, rearranging, rewriting or remaking, I could add at least 2 years to my life. If I could exchange all the time for money that I’ve spent comparing myself to people I’ll never meet and often don’t even like, I could buy a new handbag (or 12). It took a lot of prayer, a social media detox and an adoption, but I’m kicking the habit. I’m not healed but I’m healthy, and I’m ok with that. If you’re a fellow comparison junkie, I hope you can borrow some of my pain. (Because prayer and Instagram are free but adoption is expensive and kids tend to stick around for 18-22 years!)


If you only knew how embarrassed I am at the number of times you see my name hre. I promise nothing here is all about me. I also promise I’m not a crazy person, and for you to know that, we have to spend some time together.
So let’s do just that.


Moms don’t get vacation days; moms can’t call in sick. Some days you just need to hear you aren’t the only one who has rolled your eyes, shed a tear or hidden in the closet.

Find support, encouragement and hope
for the days when you need to borrow some.